Driving B&B

We’ve been getting a lot of “are you not gone” and even some “are you back already? comments lately. Not surprising because we always believed that we would be gone during or soon after the summer. But we’re still here.

Why are we not gone yet? It’s way more work preparing for this journey than we could imagine before we started. And our plans just grew bigger along the way. Getting advice from an expert large vehicle traveler we’ve decided that we needed a bit more than just storage space on our trailer. A toilet would be nice, a shower great. Washing our clothes along the way would come in very handy. And a bigger fridge meant getting off grid for a longer time. And when we found the perfect trailer for all this, our eyes really opened and we’ve decided to open up a driving bed and breakfast because it would be so much fun to welcome all of you nice people along the way!
So we’ve ended up building a tiny house. Even with an outdoor kitchen.

It’s going to be so nice!

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