In love with San Sabastian

We spend a few days in San Sebastian… and what a bliss. Such an amazing city! We had no plan visiting it, but because of the weather (rain) and Linde’s birthday we came to the aquarium. Driving into this city we were amazed of the good vibes and wonderful buildings we were seeing. We decide to stay longer and explore. We had the best time. The old part of the city felt like home. The beach around the corner our garden. The sea our window view. Delicious food in every street. Lovely… Lees Meer

Our first birthday on the road

Today was Linde’s birthday, which we celebrate with great joy. The first birthday in our epic bus. Another milestone reached! We decorated the bus with festive garlands, nicely wrapped gifts and a nice cake with candles, just like we used to in the NL, but now a little smaller. It’s pouring today and so we travel to San Sebastián, a lively city on the coast, to enjoy ourselves. San Sebastián has an aquarium which held all the wonders of the ocean, for us to see. The nice thing about always having your… Lees Meer

Ocean fun

Yesterday we arrived at the Atlantic Ocean. Something we were really looking forward to. As quickly as possible we threw our clothes on the beach and jumped into the ocean… naked. Playing in the waves like dolphins. What a delight  🙏🏻❤️ Today we spend the whole day on the beach. Bathing in sunlight, do some yoga, swim in the ocean and play in the sand. Life is great 🐬💦🧘🏼‍♀️☀️ Our girls find a way to earn some extra pocket money 💚

Mothers day

Mother’s Day… even on the road we will keep this tradition going. It is important to keep showing appreciating for your parent. To be thankful for all the love your mother has given you. To be thankful for everything she has done for you and still does. We ourselves were not taught this important tradition but we want to share it with our children, nonetheless. Appreciation is key to life. Thank you, sweet Tamara, for being such an amazing mother! 🙏🏻❤️  

Washing day

Washing Day at the Tipifamily. When your dreams are filled with the adventure of travelling one tends to forget earthly tasks like these 😊 We postponed it as long as we could, but at some point, you just run out of underwear. Then we had no choice but to do the laundry 😆 Luckily, we gave ourselves the luxury that is a washing machine. This way we can choose for ourselves when to wash our clothes, and not be forced to do it by hand or rely on a laundromat. I do… Lees Meer

Op drift

Het kost me veel dit reizen. Waar ik tijdens de voorbereidingen als een verlossing naar uitkeek blijkt zwaarder te zijn dan ik me kon voorstellen. Ik heb zo hard gewerkt om te kunnen gaan dat ik totaal het gevoel met mijn lijf verloren was. Nu op reis trekt dat zwaar zijn tol op mij en het gezin. Ik voel me vaak onveilig, gespannen, onzeker, boos. In het begin maakte ik me druk over onze voertuig combinatie die echt heel groot en zwaar is (15m lang en minimaal 7500kg zwaar) met maar weinig… Lees Meer


We staan vandaag op een wel heel bijzondere plek… bij een circus! Dat betekende veel knuffelen met alle dieren en trucjes bewonderen 💚