Our first birthday on the road

Today was Linde’s birthday, which we celebrate with great joy. The first birthday in our epic bus. Another milestone reached! We decorated the bus with festive garlands, nicely wrapped gifts and a nice cake with candles, just like we used to in the NL, but now a little smaller. It’s pouring today and so we travel to San Sebastián, a lively city on the coast, to enjoy ourselves. San Sebastián has an aquarium which held all the wonders of the ocean, for us to see. The nice thing about always having your home with you is that we parked around the corner from the aquarium. After the visit, we watched a movie, huddled together in the bed box (the latest movie from the Smurfs, one we’d love to recommend!). Then, afther some tea and reading another part of Harry Potter, the birthday came to a close. Tomorrow we will continue to explore this city. In the meantime, we created another lovely memory to share and think back on 💗


We also would love to share our Facebook post from earlier today on our private account. So you get to know our youngest a bit better 💗


Linde, sweety, what a special day… 9 years ago, you saw the light of life for the first time. We celebrate this day with love because we are so happy to have you in our lives. To us, you are like the sun, radiant and warm ☀️ As colourful and wonderful like a rainbow 🌈  As beautiful and delicate like cherry blossom 🌸 With your fair heart, you have brought joy, light and love in our lives. The lucky ones are us, dad and mom, to have been chosen as your parent. We wish you an amazing and adventurous year. Dance, jump, laugh and keep surprising the world. Enjoy life, darling; you deserve it. We love you 💗

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