I keep falling in love with you… over and over again. There are moments that I think I know all of you, every detail, every smile, every movement. And then you open up more and surprise me again by revealing more of your beautiful soul. It deepens my love. Our story isn’t only love and happiness, there are many times you drive me crazy. Then I’m scared, angry, sad, and feel hate or an intense wildness in me. And that tells everything about me. I’ll get to know myself better, what gives me the opportunity to open up more and show you more of me. And that deepens our love again. So we aren’t only traveling the world, we also traveling our love. It is a deepening journey… so much to discover 💚



I love being a traveler… living outside, explore new surroundings, meet beautiful people. Everyday is like a gift, wrapped in magical paper. And we are the lucky ones to open it 💚



Since the girls left school we follow a different path of learning. We want them to learn from within. By interest. Because they want it. So the first step was to let it all go and give them total freedom. No schedule or things they must do for school. Only being playful, unwinding and finding themselves being a kid again. The first weeks were lovely and difficult at the same time. They were used to be told what to do. And now they had to fill in their own time. So when they got bored, they asked for playing time on the tablet or watch a movie. And when we say no, they didn’t know what to do. We told them that it is okay to be bored. That it felt not very nice, but that it is actually good for them. At first it was hard for them to believe. They become cranky. We saw them struggling and sometimes it was hard not to intervene. But after being bored they become so creative in their own play. Having the best time together. Playin for hours and hours. Love to do what they feel within. And they become so curious, asking many many questions about all kind of things. Soaking in all the knowledge. We saw our children change. Their bodies become softer, they look happier and they were enjoying their freedom. Last week there was a change. They asked for schoolwork. They want to do math and spelling. We had plans to go to the beach and for the first time we packed the learning books as well. All day they worked hard en enjoying there selves. Because they wanted to. How lovely is that! Traveling through Europe became a different kind of school. A school of life. From within. We are so happy for our girls ❤️