In memoriam Fede

The first time Fede came to us we were sitting on the back of our trailer having an intense conversation. He walked up to us, stopt and started chatting in Spanish. We didn’t have any idea what he was saying but that didn’t bother him at all. After some time he made a gesture with his hand that could only mean “follow me”. And so we did. He brought us to his house and proudly showed us his vegetable garden. Witch was a joy to see! We learned the names of al… Lees Meer

Sunset walk

After reading a bedtime story to the girls Lente said she wouldn’t go to bed yet… she would love to take a walk, because she had to much energy. And we looked outside and saw the beautiful sunset and thought: why not? So we went for a late walk and it was lovely. We had so much fun together. And enjoyed nature. We feel privileged to live in such a wonderful place called earth 🌍