A new member of the Tipifamily

We proudly present our youngest member of the family…. Lagun (in Spanish pronounced as Lagoen or Laroen and is Basque for Amigo/friend). He is a wish com true. A little miracle in fur. Such a bright, enthusiastic and funny little guy. We are really happy to have him in our lives. Especially since we have waited a long time for his presence. But we knew he would come at the perfect time. And so it was.

Welcome dear Lagun… we are in love with you 💚 Let’s make beautiful memories together!

One thought on “A new member of the Tipifamily

  1. Hi:
    We saw you many times in Sonabia. I’m glad you have a new friend but… Lagun is a very tipical basque name for dogs and it’s spelling is in basque. It has nothing to do with spanish.
    Have a good trip.

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