So, what happened since we are in Portugal?! I can tell: a lot!
Portugal was a direction to go to since we are traveling. We were invited to a lovely place to stay for a longer period. We wanted to put up the tipi there and be part of a community for a while, organize some events: ecstatic dance for example and also a festival and a retreat. The temple of the (h)earth in Aljezur looked like the perfect place for us. But when we arrived and stayed there for a few days the owner came to tell us that for himself he felt a no for us staying there any longer. We had to leave. It came as a shock for us. After traveling for months we were looking forward grounding again on one spot for a while. And now we have to leave again, leave our plans behind and have no idea where to go to.
After the shock we were able to see what the reality was in the now. What we realized was that being there was build up of fantasies and ideas. It gave direction and a feeling of safety during our preparations of leaving everything behind in the Netherlands. But we don’t need that false feeling of safety anymore. We feel safe in ourselves. We learned a lot on the road. We made a deep inner journey and are totally different people then we were before.
So we are on the road again. Grateful for the lessons we learned and the realizations we had. We are traveling further with an openness for what the future will bring us.
In the meantime we enjoyed the visit of my father in Portugal. It was really nice to be together for a while. Last week our girls flied back with him to Holland for a visit to their grandma and friends. This weekend I will fly to NL as well to pick them up. Taking the chance of seeing and hugging some friends as well. I’m looking forward to it 🙏🏻😍
But now I am enjoying my time together with Timo. 10 days without the girls. Quality-time I can tell ❤️
The future is open. Every moment we are creating our new now. And we are doing that with total openness. To be continued….

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