Financial worries

Financial worries are the last thing we wanted to have, but unfortunately, they have been our company since the start of our journey.   We put an amount of money aside to have enough to travel for the first period. It would give us the space we need to get used to our new life and be able to make the right choices in order to earn money on the way.    Only the last few weeks in the Netherlands went differently than expected and we had high unforeseen costs on our… Lees Meer

Police control

OMG 😱 The police had a special action today by controlling large vehicles. And we had to stop too. Due to different regulations here it is in Portugal forbidden to drive with our large tipipoles on our roof. We also leaked cooling liquid and our blue flashing lights on top of our truck wasn’t covered. So… in the end we’ve got 4 fines!!! With a total amount of € 1.340,- We are still in shock 😮😢

Interview for Kiind Magazine

A few months ago Kiind Magazine approached me for a deepening interview about the crisis Timo and I went trough in our relationship two years ago. It became a inspiraring and beautiful conversation with interviewer Nelleke Bos. She was able to form the words into an in-depth  and honest article. Exactly as I hoped it would be. In Dutch only.  I hope you like it! With love 💚 Tamara

True beauty

I love to wander around in small streets of little villages and old neighborhoods of a city. There are so much surprises to find. From the beauty and richness of old buildings to the neglection of some of them. I can see real art in dilapidation. Peeling and faded paint, old walls, little details, some graffiti or even rubbish. Walk around without judgment and with real openness… then you can enjoy from what really is. Beauty is everywhere ❤️