Thank you!

The Tipifamily thanks you!!!
It is lovely to experience what our request for help in the form of money brings. To ourselves. To others.
It was overwhelming to experience unconditional support from many of you. Just to receive. Because the need was felt. It resonated. Gratitude and love flow into our hearts. We wish everyone this experience.
Living in a world of duality means that there were also reactions with a critical note. We feel gratitude for this too. It gave us the opportunity to see what lives in us. We have felt what it did to us. Which fears and beliefs were touched that determine our lives, views and feelings. Interesting matter.
The only thing we choose to do is look at ourselves when an (emotional) reaction, judgment or whatever is felt about anything. It says everything and only about ourselves. Everyone’s opinion arises from a collection of experiences, beliefs and judgments that we carry within us. That forms our perception on a deep layer and determines how we view the world. And that is really different for everyone. There is no 1 truth. There is no right or wrong. Everything IS simply.
So although we felt a preference for certain responses 😉 we are grateful for what came.
Thanks again everyone … thanks thanks thanks for your contributions in whatever form it was 🙏🏻❤️

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