Happy holidays

We wish you happy days together 🙏🏻❤️


In Holland, we celebrate on December 5th Sinterklaas. It is a nice tradition for the whole family, but mostly for the kids. It is about Sinterklaas coming from Spain with a lot of helpers called Pieten, and they bring presents with them. Our children don’t think Sinterklaas really exist, but they like the celebration, probably because of course the gifts 😉 Now we are traveling Timo and I figured a way of celebrating Sinterklaas in an adapted way. We wrote a letter in the name of Sinterklaas and told the girls that… Lees Meer

Technical inspection

Whoop whoop! We past the technical inspection for our camper van!The Netherlands have an agreement with Spain to inspect Dutch vehicles in Spain. That saved us a trip of 2400 km. Our car is okè!


I love watching our children having a good time. They are so creative, playful and free. Like now…. they found a plastic motorbike in the bushes and they are racing downhill with it. So much fun!!