In Holland, we celebrate on December 5th Sinterklaas. It is a nice tradition for the whole family, but mostly for the kids. It is about Sinterklaas coming from Spain with a lot of helpers called Pieten, and they bring presents with them. Our children don’t think Sinterklaas really exist, but they like the celebration, probably because of course the gifts 😉

Now we are traveling Timo and I figured a way of celebrating Sinterklaas in an adapted way. We wrote a letter in the name of Sinterklaas and told the girls that there was a special agreement for Dutch travelers. Sinterklaas was not able to come to us in Portugal personally, but he gave us budget and permission to buy and give presents for each-other in his name. We became his helpers. 

We wrote our names on tiny pieces of paper. Threw it into a head and each of us took one name out of it. We suppose to keep it secret for each other, but that wasn’t easy at all. In fact, in minutes I new for who our girls should buy presents 🙂 LOL

We went shopping and bought several presents. We loved the shop Ale-Hop. Nice funny gifts for a small amount of money. Amazing what you can buy for € 10,-  The rest of the remaining days we were making the surprises for each other. There was a lot of: NOOOOOO, don’t look!!! Or: Don’t come into the van!! We had a lot of fun in advance.

Finally, it became December 5th. While enjoying tasty snacks and with some special Sinterklaas songs playing on the background, we gave each other the presents. Some accomplished with a (really bad) poem, others wrapped in a special way. We closed the evening by watching the move Klaus (we highly recommend this movie). We had a lot of fun together and we felt really fulfilled afterward. The Sinterklaas travelers edition was a success. It became a night to remember. 

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