Dog love

Every day Timo and I do some yoga and dance-meditations to start the day with. We feel alive and aligned through it. When we do our practices our dog Lagun is always around us. I think he loves the energie. He knows he shouldn’t be on the mat, but sometimes he can’t resist it. It doesn’t matter what we say or do, he come to cuddle and lick us. LOL!

Ecstatic dance gathering Algarve, Portugal

Our first event! Ecstatic dance gathering Algarve. We lived up to this moment for so long! And finally we got there. The first of many events and retreats we are going to organize. We finally got to experience how it is when people dance to our music. What a bliss!We put together music that we ourselves would like to dance to, and it is so rewarding to see other people enjoying our music as well. We’re so looking forward to the next! Want to hear the music that we played?

Catching up

There is a lot of catching up to do. The last time we shared something about ourselves it was still 2019. We were looking for a place in Portugal to stay for a longer period. We’ve got an extremely high fine. Had some money problems. And we’re also enjoying our time together, living free and in the middle of nature. So, what is the status at the moment?! We are happy to share that we found a place to stay for a longer period! Mid-December we arrived at Green Eyeland, a beautiful place… Lees Meer

Birthday girl

It’s our oldest daughter’s birthday today. 11 she has become … 11 !! It only seems so recently that she was in my arms as a little sweet baby. And when I look at her now, I don’t see a little girl anymore. And not yet a young woman. She is a beautiful creature that grows into her being, her independence. She becomes more aware of herself. Therefore she is not always shown herself completely. She protects herself. And darling, thats totally fine. Discover yourself in your own way. I can see… Lees Meer