Meet Prince

Where our girls are, there are dogs. They always manage to find each other. They all get new names. For example: Starlight Shimmer, Brownie, Mini and Prince.
Prince was a timid and anxious dog with a beautiful princely attitude. He kept coming back and getting closer. He quickly trusted the girls. With them it turned out to be a real cuddly dog, but with us as adults it was something different. We couldn’t get near him at first and he sprinted far away with any unexpected movement or sound. Anxious and trembling. Probably through abuse. Still, he couldn’t resist. He stayed daily with us and regularly overnight. One day when we went shopping and we drove off with our bus, he sprinted after us, running for his life. He insisted on staying with us. He made his choice. And we could only surrender. And so he has become our new family member. After a few weeks in our lives, we saw him transform from a fearful dog to a very happy and free one! Although he loves our girls still the most, he started to trust us also. We are very happy with our Prince ❤️

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