Imagine yourself…

Imagine you are at an intimate glampsite (glamorous camping) in the countryside of south Portugal. You wake up surrounded by the sounds of nature. You lay in a very comfortable bed with luxurious bedlinnen. And whenever you feel like, you get out of bed and make a cup of coffee. You drink it outside, sitting in a relaxing chair, while the sun touches your face gently.

Sounds like a perfect start of your day?!

We are making this a reality for you! We have the opportunity to rent a beautiful plot of land in a green area with a lot of rivers and little lakes. It is only a 12-minute drive from one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal: Porto Covo. It is picturesque and has a lovely beach.

There are two little lakes, walking distance away from the glamping, where you can go to for a refreshing dive.

The tents are made from the best materials and the interior is stylish, comfortable and full of lovely details. You feel yourself immediately at home.

Staying at our Glampsite will be an experience you will remember!

Help us to make this dream glamping come true:
For dutch residents:

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