Our girls

Well… I can tell that our kids are doing really fine 💚 They enjoy the freedom they experience. Becoming wild spirits. They walk most days barefoot. Playing. Kuddling with the dogs. Be very creative of making something out of nothing. Like this playhouse and mini kitchen garden they made. They had an idea. And out of nothing they manage to find and attract everything they need. I love to watch that. To see their shiny faces. The strong personalities they become. Sometimes it isn’t that easy or nice. They have a very very strong will and opinion. And they love to express that to us mostly in a unpleasant way 😆 but overall I can see that our girls are doing very well 🙏🏻❤️


Lovely people… that 2020 may be exactly as it is. With all the experiences there are. And that we may see its perfection in every moment 😘❤️


In Holland, we celebrate on December 5th Sinterklaas. It is a nice tradition for the whole family, but mostly for the kids. It is about Sinterklaas coming from Spain with a lot of helpers called Pieten, and they bring presents with them. Our children don’t think Sinterklaas really exist, but they like the celebration, probably because of course the gifts 😉

Now we are traveling Timo and I figured a way of celebrating Sinterklaas in an adapted way. We wrote a letter in the name of Sinterklaas and told the girls that there was a special agreement for Dutch travelers. Sinterklaas was not able to come to us in Portugal personally, but he gave us budget and permission to buy and give presents for each-other in his name. We became his helpers. 

We wrote our names on tiny pieces of paper. Threw it into a head and each of us took one name out of it. We suppose to keep it secret for each other, but that wasn’t easy at all. In fact, in minutes I new for who our girls should buy presents 🙂 LOL

We went shopping and bought several presents. We loved the shop Ale-Hop. Nice funny gifts for a small amount of money. Amazing what you can buy for € 10,-  The rest of the remaining days we were making the surprises for each other. There was a lot of: NOOOOOO, don’t look!!! Or: Don’t come into the van!! We had a lot of fun in advance.

Finally, it became December 5th. While enjoying tasty snacks and with some special Sinterklaas songs playing on the background, we gave each other the presents. Some accomplished with a (really bad) poem, others wrapped in a special way. We closed the evening by watching the move Klaus (we highly recommend this movie). We had a lot of fun together and we felt really fulfilled afterward. The Sinterklaas travelers edition was a success. It became a night to remember. 


I love watching our children having a good time. They are so creative, playful and free. Like now…. they found a plastic motorbike in the bushes and they are racing downhill with it. So much fun!!


Meet Lola… a lovely young seagull who was part of our family for a few days. During a walk we found her along the seaside, struggling with the waves, totally exhausted. We picked her up and did some checks to find out what was wrong. Her wings seemed fine, but she was out of balance and very weak. So we gave her time and space to recover. We build her a nest, the girls cuddled her a lot, she eats dog food, pooped a lot (also on your lap) and wiggles around during little walks. This morgen she decided it was time to go and left in silence. We hope she is fine and has the best life for a seagull possible. It was a joy to have her around!


Thank you!

The Tipifamily thanks you!!!
It is lovely to experience what our request for help in the form of money brings. To ourselves. To others.
It was overwhelming to experience unconditional support from many of you. Just to receive. Because the need was felt. It resonated. Gratitude and love flow into our hearts. We wish everyone this experience.
Living in a world of duality means that there were also reactions with a critical note. We feel gratitude for this too. It gave us the opportunity to see what lives in us. We have felt what it did to us. Which fears and beliefs were touched that determine our lives, views and feelings. Interesting matter.
The only thing we choose to do is look at ourselves when an (emotional) reaction, judgment or whatever is felt about anything. It says everything and only about ourselves. Everyone’s opinion arises from a collection of experiences, beliefs and judgments that we carry within us. That forms our perception on a deep layer and determines how we view the world. And that is really different for everyone. There is no 1 truth. There is no right or wrong. Everything IS simply.
So although we felt a preference for certain responses 😉 we are grateful for what came.
Thanks again everyone … thanks thanks thanks for your contributions in whatever form it was 🙏🏻❤️

Financial worries

Help needed

Financial worries are the last thing we wanted to have, but unfortunately, they have been our company since the start of our journey.
We put an amount of money aside to have enough to travel for the first period. It would give us the space we need to get used to our new life and be able to make the right choices in order to earn money on the way. 
Only the last few weeks in the Netherlands went differently than expected and we had high unforeseen costs on our bus and trailer. Things that could not be postponed, because of safety first. And BAMMM…. our money was blown away! Despite concerns about money, we felt that we just had to leave. It was really time to go. We still had some savings that we had set aside for our girls and we expected some payments in the future that gave us sufficient certainty to be able to go. It was a bit scary, but also beautiful to look at… the fear of shortage.
This summer we stayed in a beautiful place in northern Spain for a long time. We decided to stay there for a while to make a deep Inner journey. And what a journey it became! We’ve got one insight after another. Even more aware of how being human works. That our perception on a deeper layer says everything about us and our reality, but nothing about reality. That we constantly live in a range of emotions, positive and negative, which also says nothing about reality, but we let ourselves guided by it. We actually like to live in fantasies and all kinds of ideas, but it has little to do with the realness in the NOW. What are we kidding ourselves? We put a lot of effort to live as much as possible in a feel of (false) safety and to keep our fears calm. It takes courage to look at all this. You unconsciously try to maintain so many holy houses.
All those insights brought us more peace and more sight of what is really there. We were also strengthened in our feeling that by following our hearts, we can create an inner flow where it’s possible to earn money with what we really like. We decided to make no longer choices based on fear. But follow our inner stream. To do what makes us happy. Music and dancing make us happy. And beautiful connections with ourselves and other people. We have practiced a lot to be able to play beautiful sets of Ecstatic Dance and feel the inspiration to organize great conscious plus parties. Creating a place where people can show who they really are, without masks, and really connect with each other. While having fun, playing and discovering (yourself) is central. A truly in-depth party!
And through all these insights, following our inner stream and choices made from our hearts, we felt a lot of financial confidence. That would also flow. With this feeling and the knowledge that money would still come in from a sold company car from Timo, we were able to make it until we had set up our events.
Delighted and full of sense, we left for Portugal. Time for the next step! Next level!
As we had already shared, our adventure in Portugal went differently than expected. We thought we had a place to be, surrounded by nice people, meanwhile contributing to the site and organizing our things. To earn money. However, it turned out not to be our place and we went on the way again. Open to what is right for us. We are doing this now for a few weeks. And the vastness of everything, the unlimited possibilities, having all the freedom that there is, nothing fixed or planned and especially not living in a fantasy or an idea is “more challenging” than thought. Following our inner stream instead of mental plans we are used to, gives uncertainty. We no longer have false security to lean on. We are fully responsible for our future and everything is possible. This is what we longed for. Now we have created it, what do we do next? How do we give direction? It appears to be not as easy as you might think in reality. The mind is very present and loud. It touches everything in ourselves. What is beautiful. And sometimes not 🙂 Our inner journey continues. In the meantime, we haven’t found a place to stay yet. So we cant create an income yet. But we live very consciously and economically.
Unfortunately, financial pressure has now become too great. Our bus has unexpected substantial costs again. On top of it, we received yesterday some fines due to police control for the amount of 1.320 euros. There is no money left anymore. The payments that we would receive are not received yet and we have had to decide to set up a collection agency on it. In the meantime, we have been able to borrow some money from our parents, but that is simply not enough.
Our girls showed us something a few days ago. Timo and I were meditating on the beach and when we came back there were two smiling girls waiting for us. She handed over us almost 20 euros. They had collected. Our girls are aware of our money worries. Trips that cost money and that they would like to make are not possible. We spend what we have on essential things: food, drink and fuel. They don’t like it but accept it as it is. So they had raised money. They were so free to translate the following into three languages on google translate and to  show it to passing tourists:
Hello, we are the Tipifamily and we need money. Do you have anything left for us?
And yes, people have. The girls received nice and beautiful responses. And we’re very proud of their financial contribution to our family.
They teach us a big lesson. Dare to ask and receive. They just do it. With us, there is a lot to feel. For example, fear, shame and feelings of inferiority. In fact, much more. Beliefs that are deep. The feeling of falling short. Fear what others would not think of us if they found out. Afraid of rejection and so on. But is that really true ?!
We are as always very open in sharing about our experiences and our inner world. We don’t want to create a more beautiful picture of what is going on. We want to show what really is. And this is how it is now. An urgent shortage of finances. And no matter how scared we are to ask, we still reach out to you.
Dear people … would you like to help us? With a financial contribution?
Let us first say that we are grateful and happy with every contribution we receive. No words for what that means to us. But we also felt what would be especially great for us. Really helping. We would be most helped if a group of people donated a set (to be determined) amount to us monthly for a certain period. For example 12 x 10 euros per month. Or 6 x 25 euros. Whether that is right for you and can be missed.
If we are supported in this way, we will be able to go through the coming months and it will be a great relieve of the financial pressure that we are currently feeling. In the meantime, we will do everything we can to generate income for ourselves in the long term. Your gift gives us the space we need and an important lesson in daring to ask and receive.
For our Dutch friends: onetime donations can be made through this tikkie:
Do you want to support us monthly? Make an automatic bank transfer. These are our bank details:
T.n.v. T. van Wijgerden
Or do it using the attached form to be found under the donation button:

We share and ask this in all our vulnerability. We cannot express how grateful we are for your support. Dear people… great that you are there. Thanks, thanks, thanks !!! 


Police control

The police had a special action today by controlling large vehicles. And we had to stop too. Due to different regulations here it is in Portugal forbidden to drive with our large tipipoles on our roof. We also leaked cooling liquid and our blue flashing lights on top of our truck wasn’t covered. So… in the end we’ve got 4 fines!!! With a total amount of € 1.340,-
We are still in shock 😮😢