A real treat

The last days we were guests on our own Glamping. For the first time this season, there was a gap of a few days between bookings and we took the opportunity. It felt like a real treat. What a delight it was to wake up in our lovely tipi. What a nice place to be. We experienced why our guest loves this place so much. We saw all the love and details we put into it. It is spot on! The only thing we could think of as an improvement is putting… Read More

Imagine yourself…

Imagine you are at an intimate glampsite (glamorous camping) in the countryside of south Portugal. You wake up surrounded by the sounds of nature. You lay in a very comfortable bed with luxurious bedlinnen. And whenever you feel like, you get out of bed and make a cup of coffee. You drink it outside, sitting in a relaxing chair, while the sun touches your face gently. Sounds like a perfect start of your day?! We are making this a reality for you! We have the opportunity to rent a beautiful plot of… Read More

Exciting, but scary step

Today we have taken a giant step towards our own Glamping. We paid the membership of the animal shelter Associação Vale Verde II. Which makes it possible for us to start a business at their land. It is also a scary step. It is a big amount. After months of struggling to get some income, we came finally above water by renting out our tents. With the transfer of the amount, we are back at where we were before this summer. But now with such great opportunities for the coming year! These… Read More

Great news!

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS! We are going to start our own Glampsite* in Portugal! This summer we had the chance to rent out our tipi and dome-tent to guests. We discovered that we really loved doing this. And the longing to do this more grew. Preferably at a place of our own. And we found one! A beautiful spot near the west coast of Portugal. The terrain belongs to an animal shelter Associação Vale Verde II. And by renting their land we support the animals ❤️🐶🐱🐔🦆🐴❤️. We think this is a win-win… Read More


Pssssssstt…. we have exciting news!! We will share it in a couple of days. Stay posted! You don’t want to miss this

Journey of life

Only 3 years ago Timo told me that he would love to live in a tipi for a while. I was surprised. At that moment we lived together for over 17 years and he never mentioned it before. I couldn’t imagine it, living in a tipi in the Netherlands, but wanted to have an open mind. So the days after, I was thinking about it. Dreaming a little. And suddenly there were images shown in my head. I saw us travelling through different countries, at some places staying for a longer period, put up… Read More

School of life

Before we left the Netherlands we had many ideas about how our life would be when we started travelling. As often when you imagine something in your head, the reality is different. One of these ideas was about homeschooling our children. We thought we would do it 4 days a week, a few hours a day. And even though it would be challenging from time to time, it was working for us as a family.  When we started homeschooling it was a learning process for us as parents. We haven’t done it before,… Read More

Meet Prince

Where our girls are, there are dogs. They always manage to find each other. They all get new names. For example: Starlight Shimmer, Brownie, Mini and Prince.Prince was a timid and anxious dog with a beautiful princely attitude. He kept coming back and getting closer. He quickly trusted the girls. With them it turned out to be a real cuddly dog, but with us as adults it was something different. We couldn’t get near him at first and he sprinted far away with any unexpected movement or sound. Anxious and trembling. Probably… Read More

Happy birthday Linde!

This little Miss Sunshine turned 10 today! And we are so proud of her. We see her shine like never before. She is pure, wild and free. Pure joy. Congratulations sweetheart 💗 we love you!