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Hi! We are the Tipifamily and we travel the world, following our hearts, experience the joy of life and live to the fullest. On our way we connect and inspire people. We want to organize activities, conscious dance events and festivals where people can experience the beauty of openness, an open heart.

We are looking for help in the form of donations to get through our first year of traveling. So we can set things up properly. This can be through a one-time large donation or a smaller monthly amount over a year. This gives us the time and space we need without having to worry about our finances. Worries make you decide things based on survival and fear, in this case, the fear of lack. And those are usually not the best decisions. Instead, we want to make decisions from our heart. With your help, with your support, we can experience this. We don’t have to do it alone. We are happy to do it together with you. In gratitude!

With your help, we can continue our way of living!


Watch this video for an impression of our open heart festivals: