Ecstatic dance – the festival edition – 5 day festival

Ecstatic dance – the festival edition –

Do you want something unique at your festival? Something to get Do you want something unique at your festival? Something to get people going in the morning? A brilliant start to the day? To awaken their bodies in the best way ever and be filled up with happy hormones? Ecstatic dance is the answer!

We bring the dance that is conquering the world to your festival!

Our way of bringing ecstatic dance is easy going and fun for people of all ages. The three ground rules that make ecstatic dance so effective (barefoot, no booze, no chit-chat) are fundamental, but fun for the whole family is our highest goal. We bring the ultimate morning dance experience!

Before we dance, there is a warm-up where we softly guide people out of their comfort zone through several funny exercises. We invite them to make contact with other dancers and make sure there is a happy vibe within the group. Then the dance begins, and the music takes the dancers on a journey from a slow buildup to a high peak. After giving the dancers a chance to catch their breath the music takes them on an even higher wave, we’re they reach the ultimate peak, the ecstatic state. To finish the journey, the music invites people to go within themselves and integrate the experience. After the closing, a happy bunch will be released onto the festival terrain!

Ecstatic dance is a unique addition to your festival! With our deal, we offer you a guaranteed TOP program for the whole family!

Who we are…

We are Timo and Tamara, ecstatic dance DJ’s, known as Ecstatic T&T. We travel as the Tipifamily through the world with our two girls and dog Lagun in a converted Mercedes 608 with tiny house behind. We love to follow our hearts and explore & experience life. On the way, we want to inspire and connect people, with themselves and with others. One way of doing that is by bringing beautiful ecstatic dances during our travels. It’s a celebration of life and we love it!
What we also love are festivals, especially ones like yours. We had the brilliant idea to combine those two and Ecstatic dance – the festival edition – was born. We love to express ourselves this way and it is also a way of earning money so that we can continue our way of life. We bring our event tipi with us, to make a perfect space for your festival. Each live performance will be an experience to remember! »

Giant tipi

Our Giant tipi is an amazing party tent for festivals. Especially for those who want something out of the ordinary. Our giant Nordic tipi from Tentipi provides a versatile venue with a warm atmosphere. It is specially developed for events; it is flexible and keeps up to the highest standards. With the atmospheric fairy-lighting and decoration of the tipi, we create a wonderland scene. A real eye-catcher for your festival! With our deal for your festival we offer you a care-free program. By bringing this tipi we can assure you an unforgettable experience for your festival visitors.

Specifications Tentipi Stratos 72
10.3m (34′) diameter with sides down
13m (42′) diameter with some sides up
Covered area: 83m(893 sq ft)
Height: 7.4m (24’3″)
Capacity: 80 people standing, 72 seated

Ecstatic dance

No wonder ecstatic dance conquers the world… it’s profound, fulfilling and brings a lot of joy! The key? It takes you out of your head and into your body. It is a journey into your inner self. Our waves of music take you from deep inner peace to a great natural high. From dancing in your own space to celebrating life with all dancers. Expressing yourself the way you want. It’s not about the way the movement looks. It’s about how it feels. Experience total bliss. By engaging our senses and listening to our bodies, we connect to ourselves and others. It’s all about inclusivity, meaning people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. It is for the whole family. Even granny is welcome 😉

  ” Dance              
with your

Your feet

We offer more…

Sound bath
Included in our deal for your festival is the sound bath. After the ecstatic dance is over, the tipi transforms into a place where people can relax and recharge by listening to miracle tone music. Seven high-quality surround speakers will give the listener a feeling that the music embraces them. The music contains frequencies that lift people’s frequency to a higher level, with the result that they feel revitalized. We provide mats and blankets for the ultimate relaxation.

Extra sets
As an extra option, we offer DJ sets in the evening. The tipi turns into a party place where people can go out of their minds.

Symphonic beats by DJ El Hombre. Symphonic beats is highly danceable electronic music with a symphonic buildup. With the constant change in intensity and melody, DJ El Hombre takes the crowd to ecstatic highs. Let’s bring it on! 

Free Spirit Dance by DJ Tara Tamara. High energy, uplifting and melodic are the words to describe DJ Tara Tamara’s DJ sets. Her taste in music cannot be contained in a box. She plays whatever she likes whenever she likes, as long as you can dance to it.

Note: individually Timo is DJ El Hombre and Tamara is DJ Tara Tamara

Our deal for your festival

5-day festival deal

Giant tipi hire (including transport, setting up, breaking down and fairy lightning), 4 sets of ecstatic dance and sound baths during daytime for only £ 3.400,-

 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
MorningSoundbathEcstatic danceEcstatic danceEcstatic danceEcstatic dance
EveningSoundbathSoundbath or extra bookable DJ setsSoundbathSoundbath or extra bookable DJ setsSoundbath

You can book some extra sets of 1,5 hours symphonic beats or free spirit dance in the evening: 
1 set £ 350
2 sets £ 650

What do we need from you? 

  • Professional sound system 
  • Additional light system
  • Dance floor if the grass is not good enough to dance on 
  • Electricity connection
  • Volunteers for:
  1. Ecstatic dance: to help people during ecstatic dances if information is needed and for holding space. 
  2. Sound bath: for overseeing and keeping the space quiet, tranquil and cleaned up. 

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