As Tipifamily, Ecstatic T&T and we love to organize different kind of events. Here is an overview of all upcoming events:

Ecstatic dance gathering Algarve
A day to be you. To dance, connect and express yourself the way you are meant to be. To be open to yourself and others. Meeting likeminded people and connect on a deeper level. All that in the middle of nature.

When: March 15th, 2020
Where: Greeneyeland, In the woods just outside Faro.
When you get there use these coordinates to find your way into the woods. Google coordinates: 37.0439866270, -7.9913555117
Costs: your investment is €12,50
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Ecstatic life retreat

Why be satisfied with an ecstatic dance every one’s in a while if you can live an ecstatic life? 

Ecstatic dance is about expressing yourself as you are without compromise. Being in the moment, with everything that occurs. It is not about the form. There are no rules to be followed. You follow yourself. Expressing the way you are, the way you feel.  By engaging your senses and listening to your body, you connect to yourself and from there you can connect to others. The more you show yourself, you know it’s not about how the movement looks. It’s about how it feels. The result?? An ecstatic experience, full of bliss and fulfillment.

We like to see an ecstatic dance as a metaphor of life. What you experience on the dance floor, you (can) experience in life. So, what if you apply this in daily life? No more holding back. Only doing what really works for you, without compromise. Can you imagine this? 

During this retreat we will dive deep in what ecstatic living means. It is a weekend of openness, connection, deepening, dancing and bliss. 

Are you ready for an ecstatic life?! 

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Beautiful woman … are you ready to spend 6 amazing days in fairytale Morocco? During this unique and fully arranged VIP retreat, I’ll take you on a liberating journey of discovering the wildhearted woman you are. It will be a beautiful deep experience that will stimulate all of your senses! Come to full blossom. Experience true freedom, openness and deep fulfillment. Every day we will immerse in the wonderful world of ourselves, while enjoying what Morocco has to offer: beautiful nature, delicious meals and an exciting culture! The program includes plenty of free time for integration and relaxation, so you can read a book by the pool, take a walk or enjoy a massage and the Hammam facilities. This will be a true (re)treat for yourself!

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