You can help

In April 2019, we started a connecting journey as a family. A period of traveling together to enjoy the world but also to lay a new foundation for the four of us. To find our place in a traveling existence and a new way through life (homeschooling our kids, for example).

After this, we will be ready to perform our activities and find places for us to stay for longer periods.

How can you help us?

We are now in the south of Portugal and looking for a beautiful spot to stay for a longer period. In the Algarve would be superb, but he, we are free spirits… so do you have space, or do you know where? Let us know! We really want to put up the tipi and organize some events in it.

You can also help us through financing. We have no other income yet. All our money is spent on living expenses, the truck, the trailer and the tipi. So, we are dependent on your donations.

We are looking for help in the form of donations to get through our first year of traveling. So we can set things up properly. This can be through a one-time large donation or a smaller monthly amount for over a year. This gives us the time and space we need without having to worry about our finances. Worries make you decide things based on survival and fear, in this case, the fear of lack. And those are usually not the best decisions for you. Instead, we want to make decisions from our heart. With your help, with your support, we can experience this. We don’t have to do it alone. We are happy to do it together with you. In gratitude!

With your help we can continue our way of living!

If you have more ideas to help us… We’d love to know!