Our mission

The Tipifamily

Our mission

The Tipifamily is a family with a mission! They travel the globe to connect people, with themselves and others, to live with an open heart.

Opening the hearts of people across the world, it’s a bit of self-realisation. We make people aware that it’s your own choice if you open your heart or not. Because of the pain and loss, we encounter in life; we often close our hears, as to no longer suffer. It is a survival technique that will work for a little while, but not forever. You see, when you close your heart to others, you also close your heart to yourself. Most people don’t realise this. Through all the closed hearts, we see that people don’t fully live and enjoy life anymore. We feel less, as a result. Relationships, families, friendships and communities fall apart because we can’t genuinely feel each other anymore; we can’t understand or reach each other. It would be better if everyone were to live with an open heart. The world would become a better place.

Changing the world does not start in politics, but the hearts of all men and woman. Our mission is to make people aware of their influence on their heart. It is you who decides if your heart is open or closed. The journey to an open heart begins with self-awareness. Do I want to open my heart? For myself or others? You are the one who decides.

We understand that this message is like a drop of water on a hot stove. But that will not stop us. A lot of drops will be necessary to cool the stove down. We are happy to be one of the drops.

How do we do this?
We are using a self converted fire truck to travel the world. In places where we wish to stay for longer periods, we will live in our tipi. We want to be a part of local communities and will organise workshops, dance evenings, male and female circles, retreats, one-on-one support, and whatever feels necessary.
Why live in a tipi? A tipi embodies the wisdom of old peoples, who have been aware of the philosophy of the open heart for centuries. We also like camping, and a tipi is the ultimate tent, you can even make a campfire inside of it!

What we want is a simple, beautiful life, close to nature and ourselves. We want to enjoy all that we can see and feel with an open heart. The only way to bring our missions to success is by staying close to who we are and our principles, and to do what our hearts tell us to. And so, we live in nature, we have left the world of money behind and trust in the abundance of the earth.

We are going to make the world a little more beautiful. Do you want to join us?