Our life

The Tipifamily

Our life

The Tipifamily has an a-typical lifestyle! They travel the world in a self converted Mercedes 608 with a tiny house behind. They follow their heart. Inspire and connect people on the way. Making their life the best experience ever.

They love to live in openness. You do that by opening your heart completely as if you open your house and everyone is welcome. This is an openness without fear, without restraint, without rules. Just open yourself. Then you start to live from your heart instead of your mind. Life is so much better!

Because of the pain and loss, we encounter in life; we often close our hearts, as to no longer suffer. It is a survival technique that will work for a little while, but not forever. You see, when you close your heart to others, you also close your heart to yourself. And your love energy can’t flow anymore. Most people don’t realize this. Through all the closed hearts, we see that people don’t fully live and enjoy life anymore. You feel less, as a result.

You have an influence on your heart. It is you who decides if your heart is open or closed. The journey to an open heart begins with self-awareness. Do I want to open my heart? For myself or others? You are the one who decides.

We love to inspire!
So, we travel the world. And in places where we wish to stay longer, we will live in our tipi (that’s why we call ourselves The Tipifamily). We want to be part of local communities and will organize workshops, dance events, retreats, gatherings, festivals and whatever feels right for us.

What we want is an adventures, simple, beautiful life, close to nature and ourselves. We want to enjoy all that we do, see and feel. The only way to inspire people is by staying close to who we are and our principles, and to do what our hearts tell us to.  Do you want to help us? For living this lifestyle we need support. We are very grateful for your help!

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