The Tipifamily

Ecstatic dance gathering Algarve, Portugal

Our first event! Ecstatic dance gathering Algarve.

We lived up to this moment for so long! And finally we got there. The first of many events and retreats we are going to organize.

We finally got to experience how it is when people dance to our music. What a bliss!
We put together music that we ourselves would like to dance to, and it is so rewarding to see other people enjoying our music as well.

We’re so looking forward to the next!

Want to hear the music that we played?

Catching up

There is a lot of catching up to do. The last time we shared something about ourselves it was still 2019. We were looking for a place in Portugal to stay for a longer period. We’ve got an extremely high fine. Had some money problems. And we’re also enjoying our time together, living free and in the middle of nature. So, what is the status at the moment?!

We are happy to share that we found a place to stay for a longer period! Mid-December we arrived at Green Eyeland, a beautiful place in nature near Faro. A nice couple (Nico and Sara) runs this place in summer with renting private tipis through Airbnb (check this place…). Out of the summer season, they would love to have some events at their place. Lucky for us, it is exactly what we are planning to do. So… a win-win situation for us all.

After we’ve got the fine, we did some extra research and we decided to cut the poles of the tipi, so there will be no transport problems any more due to rules and regulations. We designed a customized construction to keep the stability and strength of the poles. We found a good welder and together we were able to make perfect fit conical tubes. It was a bit scary to cut the poles in two, but we are so happy with the result. There are no problems to be aspected there 🙂

Then it was time to put up the tipi. Only the ground was not really fit for it. It had to be flattened out, and luckily we had some help with that. Finally, we’ve got to start with the structure of the tipi. Because we are planned to do some events in it, we made it extra beautiful with fairy lighting. The next day we put the canvas over the structure. Everything went well and it is so nice the tipi is up again. It is such a nice place to be.

We do not have plans of living in it right now. It will be a place for workshops and dances. This Sunday we have our first: Ecstatic dance gathering Algarve A little bit more than Ecstatic dance alone. It will be a day to be open to ourself and others. Meeting likeminded people and connect on a deeper level. We are so looking forward to it!

There are a lot of new events coming up. Maybe you would love to come and join us?! We keep you posted!

Timo & Tamara

Birthday girl

It’s our oldest daughter’s birthday today. 11 she has become … 11 !! It only seems so recently that she was in my arms as a little sweet baby. And when I look at her now, I don’t see a little girl anymore. And not yet a young woman. She is a beautiful creature that grows into her being, her independence. She becomes more aware of herself. Therefore she is not always shown herself completely. She protects herself. And darling, thats totally fine. Discover yourself in your own way. I can see in you a flower, sometimes a bit closed, sometimes open, but always beautifull. Blossoming. Radiant. Pure beauty. Mmmmm … sweet birthday girl. I am so happy with you. Enjoy this day. I’ll do the same ❤️

Our girls

Well… I can tell that our kids are doing really fine 💚 They enjoy the freedom they experience. Becoming wild spirits. They walk most days barefoot. Playing. Kuddling with the dogs. Be very creative of making something out of nothing. Like this playhouse and mini kitchen garden they made. They had an idea. And out of nothing they manage to find and attract everything they need. I love to watch that. To see their shiny faces. The strong personalities they become. Sometimes it isn’t that easy or nice. They have a very very strong will and opinion. And they love to express that to us mostly in a unpleasant way 😆 but overall I can see that our girls are doing very well 🙏🏻❤️


Lovely people… that 2020 may be exactly as it is. With all the experiences there are. And that we may see its perfection in every moment 😘❤️

Happy holidays

We wish you happy days together 🙏🏻❤️


In Holland, we celebrate on December 5th Sinterklaas. It is a nice tradition for the whole family, but mostly for the kids. It is about Sinterklaas coming from Spain with a lot of helpers called Pieten, and they bring presents with them. Our children don’t think Sinterklaas really exist, but they like the celebration, probably because of course the gifts 😉

Now we are traveling Timo and I figured a way of celebrating Sinterklaas in an adapted way. We wrote a letter in the name of Sinterklaas and told the girls that there was a special agreement for Dutch travelers. Sinterklaas was not able to come to us in Portugal personally, but he gave us budget and permission to buy and give presents for each-other in his name. We became his helpers. 

We wrote our names on tiny pieces of paper. Threw it into a head and each of us took one name out of it. We suppose to keep it secret for each other, but that wasn’t easy at all. In fact, in minutes I new for who our girls should buy presents 🙂 LOL

We went shopping and bought several presents. We loved the shop Ale-Hop. Nice funny gifts for a small amount of money. Amazing what you can buy for € 10,-  The rest of the remaining days we were making the surprises for each other. There was a lot of: NOOOOOO, don’t look!!! Or: Don’t come into the van!! We had a lot of fun in advance.

Finally, it became December 5th. While enjoying tasty snacks and with some special Sinterklaas songs playing on the background, we gave each other the presents. Some accomplished with a (really bad) poem, others wrapped in a special way. We closed the evening by watching the move Klaus (we highly recommend this movie). We had a lot of fun together and we felt really fulfilled afterward. The Sinterklaas travelers edition was a success. It became a night to remember. 

Technical inspection

Whoop whoop! We past the technical inspection for our camper van!
The Netherlands have an agreement with Spain to inspect Dutch vehicles in Spain. That saved us a trip of 2400 km. Our car is okè!


I love watching our children having a good time. They are so creative, playful and free. Like now…. they found a plastic motorbike in the bushes and they are racing downhill with it. So much fun!!


Meet Lola… a lovely young seagull who was part of our family for a few days. During a walk we found her along the seaside, struggling with the waves, totally exhausted. We picked her up and did some checks to find out what was wrong. Her wings seemed fine, but she was out of balance and very weak. So we gave her time and space to recover. We build her a nest, the girls cuddled her a lot, she eats dog food, pooped a lot (also on your lap) and wiggles around during little walks. This morgen she decided it was time to go and left in silence. We hope she is fine and has the best life for a seagull possible. It was a joy to have her around!