Make a difference for the Tipifamily

Hi! We are the Tipifamily and we travel the world, following our hearts, experience the joy of life and live to the fullest. On the way, we want to inspire and connect people, with themselves and with others. One way of doing that is by organizing beautiful ecstatic dances, retreats, workshops, gatherings, on-line trainings, various dance meditations and creating an Ecstatic Life community. It’s a celebration of life. We love to express ourselves this way!

Due to the Corona virus, we are not able to organize any event at the moment. Since this is our main income and we don’t have savings to fall back on, we experience financial shortage. We appreciate a (small) donation to get through this time.

We are really grateful for your help 🙏🏻❤️

One-time payment:


One-time payment:


One-time payment:


Watch this video for an impression of our free open heart festivals: