We are the tipifamily!

The Tipifamily consists of: Timo (1978), Tamara (1976), Lente (2009) & Linde (2010) van Wijgerden. A loving and warm family.

Timo and Tamara have been together since 2000, enjoying many an adventure since. In 2019, however, their biggest adventure yet began.

They went on the road to open the hearts of all whose paths they cross.

How do you decide to do something like this? Well, you need to have gone through something. Selling your house and leaving all that you’ve built up isn’t a move you make without a good reason. You need to be able to face your fears. In the first half of 2017, something happened which required us to face our fears in a way; many cannot.

What happened? Our family just barely managed to stay together. Why? Because Tamara managed to keep her heart open even through the intense pain caused by the unfaithfulness of Timo. She chose, personally, to keep her heart open, causing her not only to feel pain but also the strong presence of love. Through this decision, she was open and saw the true reason behind the unfaithfulness. Timo was then able to open his own heart and feel his love for Tamara. There was a great desire to continue together, but only in true openness and honesty. Something beautiful was born from the ashes of past mistakes… a chance, an opportunity which they both took with open hearts. It transformed into a mission (check our blogs to see the experiences we have shared in the since).

The mission was born after an intense relationship weekend where many an old wound and misunderstanding was dealt with. During a breathing meditation session, Timo imagined organising a mini-festival for social connections, “the strength of an open heart”. Within a week it was organised and held, a relationship renewing ceremony its closing event. After this heart-warming day and all enthusiasm from the attendees, it became clear that there was a calling here: opening hearts. And so, the Tipifamily was born. A new way of life that fits them perfectly and helps them make the world a better place. No fear can hold them back in their quest to make this calling a reality. They genuinely live. They will complete their mission.